Pictures of Unit 731


Surgeon General Shiro Ishii (June 25, 1892 – October 9, 1959)


Ishii’s Family, He was said to be a dedicated and loving father if nothing else…

imagesnnbbvfr   CHINA-CHANGCHUN-JAPANESE BIOLOGICAL WARFARE CRIMES-DOCUMENTS (CN) tumblr_lenn1n30Ih1qbmt9qo1_128008dvd_original

Test subjects were gathered from the surrounding area or were shipped in on train. The scientists and workers at the site referred to them as “Logs” or “Marutas”. People were nothing more than a disposable resource to Ishii and his followers. 


Part of the complex in Pingfang after Ishii’s men had destroyed it at the end of the war.

800px-Chinese_and_North_Korean_POWs_at_camp_in_Pusan_HD-SN-99-03155 japan3_1578253c 731child

One of many gruesome “vivisections” performed on children and adults alike at Pingfang.

9-21-japanese-bio-war-against-chinese-1 unit-731


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